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3 tips that could help you land your first UX/UI job role.

3 tips that could help you land your first UX/UI job role.

I just received my first job offer as a junior UX/UI after 2 months of completing the Google UX Design Course.

Here's what worked for me and what could potentially help you!

1 - Memorable Portfolio!

This is such a important and vital step, a portfolio website is necessary. Hiring managers and recruiters need a place where all your creativity, skills, tools and knowledge is stored. Portfolio is where you showcase that.

But portfolio is also a great place to showcase your personality, your values, what you are about and things that are important to you. Mine include both my personality as well as values - I value accessibility, I advocate for LGBTQI+ & Mental health, that's front and centre when you go on my website. But I also am an avid doodler, doodling makes me relax and think. I showcased that on my portfolio too!

My hiring manager who is the head of UX/UI really appreciated that, he even asked me further on that, he asked what do I like to doodle, why do I doodle etc. It helped build a relationship and create a memorable impression.

Additionally, the case-studies you add need to tell a story, there needs to be a start, a middle and an end to them, a good follow. Think of user experience, hiring managers and recruiters are potential users of your portfolio, they need to have a positive and memorable experience.

The case studies need to make sense and showcase both your UX and your UI skills - which includes your task and challenge, your research methods, user persona's, user story, low and high fidelity prototypes, sketches, conclusion and one of the most important things which is what did I learn? It's important to add that in the end, it showcases your empathetic side as well as ability to analyse and think critically.

2 - Networking!

Networking is a must and so important. You can make so many important connections who not only uplift you, share valuable insight and knowledge but they can also help you land your first job role. The twitter tech community is truly amazing, everyone is wiling to help, uplift and work collaboratively.

Definitely be nice and respectful when approaching anyone and don't just approach people expecting them to help, that will never work.

It's important to make meaningful connections - even if it is just to network. With networking, you can get feedback on your portfolio, you can learn of new job postings, you can even start working freelance! There are many possibilities and networking really helps you that so utilise it!

3 - Keep Applying & Don't give up!**

This is the most important one, cause it's so easy to just give up when you're constantly getting rejections and you will get then. Tech industry lacks a lot of entry-level and junior roles, so it's hard to get your foot into the industry which can put people off. DON'T LET IT STOP YOU!

Keep applying every day you can. Minimum 5 jobs. And search everywhere - I looked at Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed, Reed and many more! Constantly! I also utilised twitter, sending out feelers here and there that I am looking for a junior role. You never know, you might end up receiving your job by doing that.

I hope these three tips give you a sense of direction and hope. Thank you for reading.

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